Changing Kids' Lives Two Wheels at a Time

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By end of Dec. 2023, we hope to assist 25 new locations in successfully executing bicycle programs.


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Changing Kids’ Lives, Two Wheels at a Time

More than 34 years ago, Marilyn Price saw a need in her community. As a lifelong cyclist and mountain bike pioneer, Marilyn noticed there were kids in her surrounding neighborhoods that had never been on a bicycle, owned a bicycle that fit them, or had the opportunity to ride a bicycle off the pavements of their own streets.

For many, bicycles were something that was just not afforded to them. With six borrowed bicycles and support from volunteers, Marilyn formed Trips for Kids in 1988 and began her journey of opening kids’ lives to possibilities along with helping others do the same.

More than three decades later and 200,000 kids served, several Trips for Kids members are still breaking down barriers to share all the benefits a bicycle has to offer with kids all across the country, but we have so much more work to do.

On August 1, 2017, we launched a new national parent organization to focus on supporting the growth and refinement of the organization’s existing network of independent chapters, while building a Trips for Kids Community of members who wish to grow the movement to get more kids on bikes and into nature in their own areas.

Now in our 5th year, Trips for Kids (National) is on a course to deliver the next phase of resources and services to an expanded community of youth advocates dedicated to our mission.

We currently offer a menu of items that can be used in various communities including:

  • Discovery Trail Rides: An introductory ride.

  • Adventure Club Rides: Where youth can participate in a series of rides within one year.

  • Learn and Earn-a-Bike Workshops: This program gives youth the opportunity to earn their own refurbished bicycle and/or equipment. 

                 We offer: 

  1. Earn-a-Bike STEM Curriculum & Manual

  2. Earn-a-Bike Toolkits

  3. Learn and Earn Online platform

  • ReCyclery Bike Shop

We also offer the personal assistance of our staff and our entire community in assisting others with the development of their individual programs. ALL of us want to see each other succeed.

With an eye to new ways to employ the transformative power of the bike as a vehicle for personal growth, we are building innovative resources and services to reach kids from all communities, regardless of their circumstances. Youth just like Dacario.

Dacario Smith didn’t want to participate in the week-long Charlotte, North Carolina Trips for Kids Earn-a-Bike program. But his mom had other ideas.

Dacario begrudgingly attended Trips for Kids Charlotte’s Earn-a-Bike camp. Almost two years later, he has become one of Trips for Kids biggest advocates.

“I was embarrassed,” Dacario admits. “I was 12 years old and couldn’t ride a bike. But as the week progressed, the Trips for Kids chapter leaders gave me the confidence I needed to learn. And by the end of the week, I did.”. Dacario remembers the moment he laid eyes on the bike he would eventually choose through the Earn a Bike program.

“I knew it was the one for me the second I saw it,” Dacario said. The Trips for Kids chapter leader helped Dacario adjust his seat, replace the pedals and customize his bike with a bike light, sticker and flag he received during bike camp.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for my mom and the Charlotte, North Carolina chapter leaders,” he said. “I’ll never stop riding.”

“I’m only riding because other people encouraged me to, so I’m now trying to do the same for others,” Dacario says. “I tell them, ‘If you struggle like me, they’ll (Trips for Kids leaders)  help you and steer you in the right direction.’”

Dacario says while Trips for Kids taught him how to ride a bike, the bigger lesson was to open himself up to new experiences. “Try new things,” he says. “You never know where they’ll lead.”

For some people, bicycles are used as a basic mode of transportation, but for others, it is so much more. Trips for Kids uses the bicycle as a tool to:

  • help youth focus.

  • work on coordination. 

  • build self-confidence 

  • develop self-esteem. 

  • connect with nature

Some of our kids use the bicycle as a simple way to escape from their day-to-day challenges. Many of the kids we serve are only able to ride when they are participating in a Trips for Kids program and we want to bring that opportunity to more kids across the country. We hope you will help us make this possible. Thank you.

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