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Teaching Kids about the Transformative Power of the Pedal

Using the bicycle as a vehicle of transformation and personal growth, the mission of Trips for Kids is to help underserved youth develop physical and emotional health, skills and knowledge, environmental awareness, and personal empowerment. 

Our pioneering resources and programs teach through hands-on learning, creative problem-solving, and teamwork where kids from all communities have the opportunity to know the joy of riding and owning their own bike and the freedom to explore the natural world on two wheels. 

Our Resources and Programs

Trips for Kids Discovery & Adventure Club Rides and STEM-based Learn and Earn-a-Bike Workshops are interrelated programs for youth in communities served by our national network of member organizations and advocates. Our ReCyclery Bike Shops saved more than 13,000 bicycles from landfills last year alone.

Discovery and Adventure Club Rides

Depending on the location our rides can last from one to four hours providing a natural backdrop alternative to their urban neighborhoods and concrete recreation areas. 

Learn and Earn-a-Bike

Our Learn and Earn-a-Bike resources and programs give kids the chance to own a bike of their own and to learn how to safely ride, fix and responsibly maintain it.  Our Learn and Earn-a-Bike resources include a basic Earn-a-Bike Toolkit, STEM Based Curriculum & Manual, and online program.

Our most recently developed Learn+Earn-a-Bike Online program gives kids the opportunity to earn bike equipment of their own.  Learning is a critical component of the program as many of our kids don’t own a bike nor know how to maintain one. Based on our in-person workshops, the online curriculum is an alternative for our Trips for Kids Community members that do not have physical workshops. This online educational program combines bicycle mechanic skills with STEM education, using the bicycle as the springboard for teaching STEM-related concepts and ideas. Based on feedback from our second pilot of this course, we are creating another version for younger youth.

ReCyclery Community Bike Shops

Our Recyclery Community Bike Shops around the country keep thousands of bikes out of landfills each year and provide affordable, environmentally-friendly modes of transportation for community members. 

If you know of an organization that has youth who would benefit from cycling programming, reach out to us at and help us get more kids on bikes! 

We appreciate your consideration in supporting our Community Thrive Campaign from July 18 through August 13.

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