"Create Progress" (Pat's 2023 Fundraising Project)

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Fit To Recover
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For Giving Tuesday, I am completing one burpee for every $1 donated to support Fit to Recover (501c)


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$8,000 goal

Hey Ya'll! 

For 2023 Giving Tuesday, I am devoting time and effort (1 burpee for every $1 donated) to raising money for a 501c3 Non-Profit organization called Fit to Recover (FTR).  It is a community support system that has made a difference in the lives of many, communities in need, and will continue to do so with your help. I could go on and on about FTR but here is a quick video: About FTR Video About FTR Video


For me, FTR has been an important part of my life over the past four years in allowing me a space to work through issues from my military experiences and life, while providing me the opportunity to equally give back to those in recovery through fitness. 

What makes FTR UNIQUE and NEEDED is that it offers spaces, services, and resources for those in recovery. Although a big focus is on supporting those in recovery from substance use disorders, "recovery from what" looks different for everyone who walks through the door, and the support is endless. 


The amazing services offered from a low cost to sponsored opportunity include: 

  1. Fitness Classes
  2. Nutrition Classes
  3. Creative Arts (music and art)
  4. Service Projects
  5. Support Groups  

For more info, please feel free to check out: FTR Website

This fundraiser supports

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Fit To Recover

Organized By Patrick Dimoh

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