Reality Check: Moving Boys to Men

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families

We need your support to expand our programs to help male youth become men of integrity


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$15,000 goal

Our Community Can Thrive Because of YOU! 


The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families provides funding, curriculum, advocacy and training for a network for fatherhood programs across the state. All of these programs provide direct services to help ensure the safety, economic stability and well-being of fathers and their children. 

WE HAVE AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY to receive funding to advance our efforts with youth programs to HELP TEENS AT RISK! Our programs help teens pause and really think about how the decisions they make now can unintentionally cost them their future dreams and goals.  It’s the REALITY CHECK needed for youth to make choices that ensure brighter outcomes through developing life skills and delaying early parenthood. 


GET EXCITED! INVEST in the campaign so that THE FUTURE OF OUR COMMUNITY WINS and we qualify for a possible $100,000 Gannett grant to support this important program!  WE CAN DO THIS!  

We thank everyone who invested last year in our successful health initiative and humbly ask that you now join us INVEST IN YOUTH! We also invite new investors to have a stake in the future of fathers and families and in South Carolina!! Where there are strong fathers and families, the COMMUNITY THRIVES! 

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