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Liberty Wildlife

We are seeking support for distribution of a new documentary film about the importance of wildlife.


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Update posted 2 years ago

Thank to so many who helped us achieve our principal goal of $6,000 for this project. There is still more possible, however! 

Liberty Wildlife has the opportunity to have an actual theatrical run at Harkins theaters. This is almost unheard of for a  documentary film like ours. But to achieve this, we need your support.

If we can raise an additional $1,750 by Friday morning, Liberty Wildlife can share our film with the community for a whole week at the Harkins Tempe Marketplace.

Please help us achieve this stretch goal and share the importance of native wildlife with so many more! 

While still primarily known for our work as a wildlife rehabilitation hospital, Liberty Wildlife has grown over the years to now deliver over 1,000 high-quality wildlife and natural history education programs to K-12 children and the general public. This year we seek to reach an even wider audience for these programs, and especially for our one-of-a-kind Non-Eagle Feather Repository (NEFR), through the development,  distribution, and screening of special documentary film featuring our work. Together with others across industries and communities we work to protect and save native wildlife, and to foster our cultural appreciation and links to wildlife. 

Our NEFR is the only program of its kind nationally, providing a great variety of feathers to members of federally recognized Native American tribes at no cost to the individuals, to help preserve and promote cultural and ceremonial practices. This program also educates visitors about the historical impacts of activities like the fashion industry on migratory bird populations and Native American culture. This program is a reminder that we are not separate from wildlife, and that our effort to save wildlife also benefit our cultural and spiritual practices and lives. 

Liberty Wildlife engages in educational outreach both on our Rob & Melani Walton campus as well as throughout the community. We work with K-12 public, private, and charter schools, in addition to groups of home-schooled children and other business and community groups. This program is most visible on our campus where students and visitors have access to volunteers and staff educating about the 150+ non-releasable wildlife who are kept in our care as wildlife ambassadors. 

The development and distribution of a new documentary film will greatly extend the reach of these programs. It will also provide us new tools and resources to share with school classes as we bring to them our lessons about natural history and the environment. 

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