787 Laws that Prevent Felons from Renting

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S&D PJ Housing is designed to provide services for women who are transitioning out of prison and/or in the tether program. This transition will help them be more self-sufficient to move toward independent living. Formerly incarcerated people face homeless within the first year of release but people who receive supportive programs, housing, education, counseling, and job training were found to be 61 percent less likely to be re-incarcerated within one year. 

 S&D PJ Housing will serve the greater Detroit area. The organization was founded by E.B. Jordan who was once incarcerated for two years. She's had hands-on experience facing transitioning back into society but with the help of strong friends and family in her corner, she was able to focus on her goals. While in prison she enrolled in the Building Trades class, which she's going to apply to S&D PJ Housing projects. She is also the Block Club President and Precinct Delegate of her neighborhood. 

Among working-age individuals ages 25-44, the unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated people is 27.3 percent, compared with just 5.2 percent for their general public peers. S&D PJ Housing is working to bring down the barriers to employment that stop formerly incarcerated people from rebuilding their lives. More than 200 women are released from prison in Wayne County each year, most of them in and around Detroit, and with your help, we can help fight against homelessness and the prison revolving door. 

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