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We Need Diverse Books - an organization that brings diverse books to children - needs your help!


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Friends, WNDB is trying to change the world so that all children can see themselves in the pages of a book.  Their current fundraiser will directly help put inclusive books in the hands of children.  I care about this organization, and I want to ask you to help support it too!  I've already donated $100.  Won't you match me?  Even if you're not ready to give $100, any amount helps support this great cause.

Get this - whatever dollar amount you put in, I'll match one-for-one.  And my employer, Microsoft, generously matches my donations one-for-one.  So any donation you make here will be *tripled!*

During the rise of virtual learning, WNDB continues to provide print books to educators so that they may offer them to their students. Since 2014, the WNDB In the Classroom program has donated over 19,000 books to schools and nonprofit organizations nationwide.

For more information about We Need Diverse Books, see https://diversebooks.org/.

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We Need Diverse Books

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