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Every child deserves a chance to learn, perform, and believe in themselves. We make that happen.


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Help us Grow! Spring is the Time for Growth!

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Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported AhHa!Broadway so far! Your generosity has been critical in providing arts education programming to underserved children, senior citizens and veterans. In the video above, you can see the heartfelt messages from real AhHa!Broadway students who have truly grown and felt the impact of benefitting from your support.

We've got big plans for the summer (when most kids don't have the same opportunities as they do during the school year) -- only possible with your support.

Donations of every size enable us to keep growing and supporting the community in powerful ways. One of the questions we receive most is, “How can I help?” We made this easy list of ways big and small, because every act of kindness matters! 

  • DONATE NOW to make our upcoming summer programs, including our Summer Musical Theatre Camp, have the mos impact for the maximum number of kids.
  • Set up a recurring donation  - monthly gifts add up too! A monthly gift of just $10 plays a vital role in providing supplies, Teaching Artists, rehearsal spaces, costumes and more!
  • Speak to your employer about matching donations or employee donor programs that AhHa!Broadway can apply for.
  • Spread the word & share our mission, comment/like/share our posts on social media. It takes a village and word of mouth is a powerful tool. For folks in the NYC area: Speak to your schools, Council Members and senior centers about bringing programming to your neighborhood.

Please help us keep the momentum going! We are so close to reaching out year-end goal, we can do this… TOGETHER!


With the 1,000 Kids initiative well underway, we have launched a significant new project as part of how we will bring performing arts programming to children and their families -- and make an even more meaningful impact through 1,000 Kids!

We've already brought "The Kindness Project" to community venues in boroughs of New York City, and we're ready to bring it -- everywhere.

We need your help - please donate $10 or more!

AhHa!Broadway is excited to bring a message of kindness to the families & communities -- FREE!

Through FREE performances of “The Kindness Project”, we will invite communities to come together in a safe place and where all are welcome to receive a message of positivity and to enjoy an inclusive, family-friendly live theatre experience. This program is designed to bring together families and community, with accessibility and without a financial barrier, while promoting literacy and arts education through an entertaining program. For some this can be a comfortable return to live performing arts, and for others it may be a new experience. They will be entertained by expert performers and teaching artists, receiving themes and messages about kindness and respect and being there for others.

We’ll encourage them to take this message with them, share it with others in their lives, and challenge them to undertake acts of kindness themselves. Then, children who attend will be provided a tangible way to take the messaging with them beyond the live program and revisit it again and again -- with a physical book containing similar themes of positivity and appreciation for the best things the world can offer. Overall, we’re creating a reason for families and anyone in the community to assemble for a moment of entertainment, designed to plant a seed of inspiration in each visited community and remind them of the value of kindness and positive actions, how being amongst the community again requires a selflessness we may not have required in quarantine, and a tool for families to reinforce those ideas with their children. Additionally, the books promote literacy.

How Will Funds Be Used?
Funding will help us reach more communities, amplify outreach & bring the project into important & substantial expansion, including free performances in as many as 30 NYC schools, resulting in the message & books reaching thousands of students. Funds will be allocated to include collaboration with an artist (already committed to the project) to create an original score, sound system & hundreds of book to be distributed free at performances, intended precisely for the purpose of sustaining impact.

What Happens at Each Performance?
The community will experience a short musical (approximately 30 minutes in length) with an original script presented by AhHa!Broadway. “The Kindness Project” was specially created during the pandemic because feedback from our students, participants, and educators showed that kindness is something we all need a little more of. As mentioned, we will also be promoting literacy by handing out books to children based on the song, “What A Wonderful World”. Performances are presented by professional actors and musicians who are also Teaching Artists and collectively have over 30 years of experience working with communities of all backgrounds, economic status, gender, race and ethnicity.


About 1,000 Kids:

If you could change the lives of 1,000 children, would you? Could you?

Every year more of the Arts are cut from our schools. 

Every week a child goes without vital creative outlets and arts education denies them a important development they’ll never get a second chance at. 

Every day a child goes without a working computer or proper internet access due to infrastructure or economic realities through no fault of their own, is a day of education lost forever.

The need is real:
We have been physically isolated from family and friends during the pandemic, as well as schools, community centers and creative and learning resources and opportunities. This has pulled back the curtain on how important access to computers, strong WiFi and arts education/programming has been to ensure the well-being and success of our children – our future.

But – too many of those children are denied access to basic technology required by current educational needs and will never see arts education and programming vital for well-rounded development. From the time children develop motor skills, they rely on the arts to learn how to communicate. Arts are a great collaborative experience and teach us to critically think, empathize, and understand the human condition.

The solution is you:
AhHa!Broadway is working to do just that. Even in the largest US school system (NYC), many kids still can’t access programs or technology they need. We've jumped in to make sure computers/WiFi & arts education programming (both virtual and in-person) get to underserved children. Starting with 1,000 kids.

It's a big job and we need your help. 

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