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(PC: 202 Mural, Lynch. Got. Lost.  Located Jabbo's Compact Market in Trinidad NE DC)

This year, our fundraising efforts are dedicated to our after-school program, The Academy, and more specifically to the three themes that guide our curriculum. Each week, we will be fundraising for a different type of class, ensuring that our curriculum remains relevant and comprehensive as we continue empowering the youth of D.C. 

Week 1 - Creative Employment July 19th to July 26th

This theme speaks to our direct effort to ensure that more and more of our city’s youth and young adults have access to employment opportunities in the creative sector as both artists and arts managers. 

Week 2 - The Pursuit of a Post-Secondary Education: July 26 to August 2nd

Words Beats & Life promotes the idea that every student, regardless of age or academic status, has the potential to be College Material. Given the systemic injustice in higher education, breaking down barriers and ensuring access for those who wish to pursue college is a fundamental part of our work. 

Week 3 - Arts Education: August 2nd to August 9th

Having offered an innovative, wide-ranging Arts Education curriculum for more than 18 years, this priority is supported through all of WBL’s classes and workshops designed to build greater knowledge of, and skills in, multiple forms of art connected to hip-hop. 

The mission of Words Beats & Life (WBL) is to transform individual lives and communities through Hip-Hop culture in all its forms. As a set of cultural practices and art forms with a global reach, Hip-Hop has demonstrated its power to transform the lives of young people around the world and right here in the nation's capital. 

Through Hip-Hop, WBL develops programs to support young creatives throughout the District of Columbia with the human and material resources and opportunities to participate in the District’s creative economy as both creators and managers. We do this through a curriculum that involves instruction, research, and the hands-on application of lessons learned as performers and managers.  

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