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Transforming lives and communities through Hip-Hop culture in all its forms.

As we celebrate 50 years of hip-hop and the work WBL has accomplished in the past 21 years we know that our work isn’t done and we want to prioritize growing and reaching new heights. 

A long-term financial sustainability plan to supplement our programmatic goals will support us in that journey of transforming even more lives and communities. The Words Beats and Life Endowment is part of that strategy. The endowment represents what WBL has accomplished and what we have yet to achieve.

Help us reach our 2040 vision by investing in tomorrow.

Why an Endowment?

When it was founded in 2002, Words Beats and Life seemed like an unfathomable dream. Yet today, WBL is a core part of the DC-area Hip-Hop culture infrastructure. 

We are committed to protecting the reputation that we have created but also want to establish a legacy to continue transforming lives and communities for generations to come.

Your support can make a significant impact in two distinct but equally vital ways:

Program Support
Endowment Support

Contributing to our programs provides immediate support that empowers us to make a positive impact today. 

A contribution to our endowment fund becomes a lasting legacy, generating a perpetual source of support that secures our future and allows us to expand our reach and impact for the next 20 years and beyond. 

The WBL Endowment

The purpose of the WBL Endowment is to establish a continuous source of funding that grows over time and can be reinvested into our mission and programs to ensure our sustainability. 

We plan to put 100% of our profits over the next year to the WBL Endowment. That's how much we believe investing in our future matters. We interpret your contribution to our endowment as:

I believe in this work enough that I want my gift to support this organization not just this one time, but for future generations.

A Look Back

Since our inception 21 years ago, WBL has grown to new heights, reaching milestones across our 5 priorities:

  1. Arts Education: WBL has implemented its Academy program across 20 locations this Spring & Summer 2023 alone!
  2. Creative Employment: We aim to debunk the “starving artist” myth. WBL pays all of its teachers, artists, and creatives and provides benefits like health care to all of its full-time staff–because art deserves respect. 
  3. Cultural Diplomacy: WBL has explored 11 different countries since its inception ranging from Uganda to Brazil. 
  4. Centering Marginalized Voices: WBL continues to share the histories of people and places through theater, gallery shows, mural making, poetry performances, and so much more. 
  5. For The Culture: WBL brought back its annual festival following the pandemic that included over a dozen concerts and celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop this year with a series of events as well.

A Look Forward: 2040 Vision

In 2040, hiphop will be over 65 years old and WBL will be approaching 40 years of life.

Our vision for 2040 is that hip-hop yet again evolves into an outcome-driven, design-centered cultural practice that lives in communities across the globe and ensures justice and equality for all that encounter it. 

We maintain a strong commitment to fulfilling our goals of continuing to center marginalized voices, advance arts education, and to promote creative employment and strengthen global connections. 

The WBL endowment is an investment towards these goals. 

Contribute to the WBL Endowment    Learn More about our 2040 vision

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