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VOX ATL’s mission is to lead a youth-voice movement where teens from diverse backgrounds create a stronger, more equitable community through leadership and uncensored self-expression. Our vision is a culture where teens are creating, leading and thriving.

Since 1993, VOX ATL  has used journalism and media production as tools for teens’ civic engagement, personal development, and community development. We provide a safe and brave space for teens to express themselves and hone their voice as they develop the tools to know when to speak up, where to speak up, and how to speak up. Mentored by adult journalists, our teen staff members create uncensored content that is available in print and online. They also take leadership roles at VOX ATL as editors, Board members, and community workshop facilitators. 

Please visit www.voxatl.org for the latest original content from metro Atlanta teens, including these articles:

-I will not be Broken: My Black Girl Struggle in the World of a PWI
-Mental Health PSA: Find Your Chill
-Defining Black Excellence at Westlake High School
-Opinion: My Complicated, Exhausting Relationship with My City, Stone Mountain
-Black People are not to Blame for Disproportionate Coronavirus Deaths, A History of Racism Is 
-GRL TLK Podcast on College and the Future

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