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Our Massive Push Back on Bullying - Bullying is Abuse and can Lead to Domestic Violence - Children's Learning Space Must Be Safe - a Library is. 

TOLEY RANZ STOPS BULLYING Program and Community Libraries Collaborate in National Movement to Create Safe Spaces for Children to Learn Self-Esteem and the Values of Tolerance.  

And there, in those bully-free and safe atmospheres, children and parents, grandparents and families find a go-to place where they can learn how to strengthen their self-belief and how to stand-up to bullying.  In the quiet atmosphere of any library, TOLEY RANZ Stop Bullying Program allows children to feel free addressing, exploring, and learning about their own inner strength and how to ward off bullies. And - TOLEY RANZ is always present to help opening up the innovative path to tolerance and diversity  education.  

Together we can counter bullying - Stand up for innovative Safe Space in YOUR Community -

Kids Need You. We Need You. We Can't Do It Alone. And School Systems are Overloaded.

Mission The foundation fosters tolerance to counter and diffuse bullying and negative influences at school, at home, and at play preventing destructive behavior. We provide socially significant skills, tools, and means to Children to learn to trust themselves, to blossom into emotionally healthy young people, and to unlock their given potential. The foundation supports inclusion, cultural diversity learning, and promotes mutual acceptance of racial, religious, and ethnic differences. 

TOLEY RANZ is any child's happiness compass and inner guide to strong self-belief. The imaginary character Toley Ranz supports, encourages, models, and teaches healthy, productive behavior in children of  any learning capacity. Toley's teachings are reinforced with stunningingly colorful picture and story books as well as videos, games, manuals, and more. Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers need help. Toley Ranz IS that help.

Teaching in Inner City Classrooms immedately reminded our executive director, Anke Otto-Wolf, of her own childhood experiences during post-war divided Germany. That inner city school and its surroundings exhibited a war-like atmosphere filled with violence and poverty.  Determined to change kids' outlook on life and teaching them self-belief and self-respect, Anke created Toley Ranz.  Miraculously, her listless students embraced Toley Ranz, assisted in developing learning material for the youngest and learned to love themselves along the way. They grew into beautiful, strong young people.

 Imagine a child in distress not able to ward off negativity, or a bully. In steps Toley Ranz, this imaginary, colorful character representing the inner voice of a child, and functioning as inner coach and self-hero. Whispering "psst-psst, listen..." it encourages the child to stand-up for self-belief. “The Tales of Toley Ranz Stop Bullying” method reaches any child of any learning capacity, whereas parents recognize its impact as their helper and aid in raising kids. Teaching and supporting tolerance education, acceptance, diversity, and inclusion is Toley’s job as the media


We are returning to Camp Verde, AZ, Community Library to implements the 

Toley Ranz Goes Library Program 2023 

Don't Your Children need Toley Ranz in Your Community Library?

Let us know - together we make it reality.

Can Your Kids Count on You?

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