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Can you help us address mass incarceration, harm, and patriarchy all at once?

Success Stories Program is an alternative to prisons that builds safer communities by delivering feminist programming to people who have caused harm. Our 12-week workshop series radically reshapes how people who have caused harm see themselves, their goals, and their relationships to the people closest to them. We build a world where harmful behavior is seen as a symptom of patriarchy to be transformed, in the community, by our program and others like it, rather than inside a cage.

“Success Stories has taught me to search deeply within, to find and address the root of the problem many of us suffer from: Toxic Masculinity and Patriarchy.”

-Kendall Boyd, Inside Facilitator, Delano Modified Community Correctional Facility

Success Stories Program takes place in pre-carceral spaces (child welfare system, schools, etc.), carceral spaces (prisons, jails, juvenile detention centers, etc.) and post-carceral spaces (re-entry, recovery programs, etc.). Our programs  are 100% led by people directly impacted by the prison system who are either currently incarcerated facilitators or formerly incarcerated staff coaches. 

We are currently working in: 11 California State Prisons, prisons in Texas and Canada, county jails, re-entry and recovery programs, Youth/Diversion Programs, and with other Community Based Organizations. 

We have graduated more than 1000 participants and are on track to graduate more than 3500 participants each year as we expand and can impact the lives of 1200 new participants with each new coach we bring onto our staff. 

Our alumni program is a life-long community of graduates who are building anti-patriarchal communities. We offer continued healing, mental and emotional resources, convenings, workshops, and job support.  

Join us in creating a world of love, integrity, and accountability. Each donation you give supports our team

 of formerly incarcerated coaches deliver our transformative, feminist programming.


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