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Success Stories Program is an alternative to prisons that builds safer communities by delivering feminist programming to people who have caused harm rooted in patriarchy. In our 13-week workshop series, participants identify the top 5 most important people and goals to them and explore if their behavior is in service of those. The tools and community provided through our work radically reshape how people see themselves and build relationships. We know this transformation happens while in supportive environments not through the use of punishment like expulsions and incarceration. 

We are bringing our transformative program, entirely led by formerly incarcerated people, to schools and juvenile facilities to support youth in developing healthy world-views and relationships to transform their community and end patriarchal harm. Our program inspires long-term change that leaves students feeling more connected to themselves and others.  As they transform, so does our world.

"By learning from men who could empathize with their experiences, these students were then willing to begin to try and implement the lessons and values learned through the Success Stories program…This is seen in their interactions and ways they talk about [girls and women] in a more respectful way, how they interact with adults in a more respectful manner, and how they think about and resolve conflict with others."

 – Kelsey Newton, Teacher and Parent/Community Engagement Coordinator at University Heights Middle School

We are currently working in: 11 California State Prisons, prisons in Texas and Canada, county jails, re-entry and recovery programs, youth/diversion programs, middle and high schools, and with other community based organizations. 

Join us in creating a world of love, integrity, and accountability. Each donation you give supports our team of formerly incarcerated coaches deliver our transformative, feminist programming.



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