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After realizing 49% of children were showing up for kindergarten unprepared and not meeting kindergarten standards,  FLY (Five Learning Years) was developed. FLY's Mission is to ensure all children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and grow, regardless of circumstances.  FLY aims to prepare students for academic success. Beginning in pre-kindergarten, students are assessed for school readiness. Those in need of intervention are placed in small groups with an experienced tutor, using Nemours BrightStart early literacy curriculum.  Students receive the mentoring, attention, and skills to comprehend basic skills and literacy preparedness. These students rely on the community to support their academic needs. This program has proven successful year after year, with FLY students improving by 100% on screenings after FLY intervention.  2020 has made a significant impact on these student's lives. With extended school closures, the “summer slide” will be even more evident. Studies have repeatedly shown that students who start behind tend to stay behind without proper intervention. Early intervention leads to higher graduation rates and ultimately, better communities.  We have the tools to close the literacy gap, and we have the opportunity to support their academic journey to success. Donating to the link below will allow us to advance to the next level of this grant which will provide the resources for all students concerned. We can make a difference and lead them to a path of success!


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