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Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and Youth

Each summer the Pennsylvania State Police - Troop H hosts Southcentral Camp Cadet, a one-week summer program for youth ages 13-15 who reside in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Perry, and York counties.   Approximately one hundred teenagers attend the camp.  The main goal of the camp is to promote positive relationships between law enforcement and youth.  The camp focuses on self-esteem and confidence building, as well as exposing attendees to careers in law enforcement.  

A truly unique experience!   The program is structured similar to police academy training.  However, the camp is not meant to be disciplinary or punishment.  All camp activities center around team building and learning about law enforcement. Fun summer activities are also built in, like swimming, kickball, and volleyball.

All attendees, referred to as "cadets" during the camp week, sleep overnight at the camp.  Their days start with an early morning run, followed by calisthenics.  The rest of the day is planned with educational programming, activities, and field trips.  While at camp, cadets are unable to bring any electronic devices.  

The week wraps up with a graduation ceremony to honor and recognize all the hard work and commitment put forth by the cadets throughout the program.  

Humanizing the badge!   The camp is operated and staffed solely by local and state law enforcement officers who volunteer their time to attend the program.  

Our cadets come from many different backgrounds, some of whom have had negative encounters with law enforcement.  Camp Cadet is a non-threatening, fun atmosphere that allows cadets to learn about the work law enforcement does each day, and most importantly help cadets develop strong, lasting relationships with their counselor officers.  

No cost to attend!   To guarantee all cadets can attend regardless of financial status, fundraising is conducted throughout the year to ensure families can send their child to camp free of charge.  Without these donations, camp simply could not operate.  

Sponsoring one cadet to attend our program costs $500.  This money is used towards covering all costs associated with the cadet attending the program - food, lodgings, uniforms, activities, etc.  

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