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Rising Together creates, administers, and supports excellent academic, leadership, and social programs and events for young girls and boys and provides financial assistance so that disadvantaged students from under-served communities may participate. These programs and events are a collaborative effort by individuals and organizations dedicated to excellence in education and leadership.  

Rising Together promotes high academic, leadership, and character standards and broadens peer relationships among students throughout the greater community. Designed to foster academic preparedness for a group of emerging academic and social leaders, the programs and events develop and connect future leaders of our community. Ultimately, Rising Together introduces all participants to college and life preparatory school experiences and expectations while promoting inclusive community relationships for a lifetime of leadership and service.


Disadvantaged students in under-served communities often do not receive the support and opportunities needed to become successful students and leaders. As a result they don't progress academically during the school year like many of their peers and in the summer months they experience “summer slide” where they regress academically and socially. Rising Together is dedicated to addressing these problems by providing excellent college and life preparatory programming and events designed for young girls and boys.


Rising Together administers and provides funding for academic enrichment programs and events during the school year and in the summer months we provide full-day, multi-week academic enrichment, leadership development, physical fitness camps. We collaborate with schools and other community organizations to provide these programs, events, and camps.

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