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ReThink Energy Florida’s Mission is to educate, engage, and empower Floridians to take action and achieve energy independence for a healthier, more sustainable environment through youth education, adult outreach, and community organizing.

REF is creating an online-based school outreach program called the ReThink Science Engagement Program. We will support youth education by offering virtual, yet hands-on, experiential activities regularly with a STEM-based energy-oriented curriculum. After recently hosting a virtual Energy Camp with rave reviews, we believe that we have a successful model to engage students this year. 

This program will focus on bi-weekly virtual sessions where students socialize in small groups, watch brief educational presentations, and complete hands-on activities. Our curriculum caters to 3rd–12th-grade students. The idea for this program originated to educate students and keep them engaged in ways that the school system is unable to due to COVID-19. 

We envision a world where communities are motivated and empowered to combat the effects of climate change, and where 100% of clean and renewable energy is available and affordable to all, and we believe that educating and engaging youth is an important step in making this a reality. Florida communities will unite in protecting and preserving their environment and lead the nation in developing more sustainable and energy independent communities.

ReThink Energy Florida will:

  • Support Floridians in their efforts to affect climate change  
  • Educate young people about clean energy and motivate them to help in the transition towards global energy independence
  • Help create healthy and sustainable communities 
  • Promote policies making Florida a leader in renewable energy

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