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Dance,  it can free our soul and lift our spirits.  It can express our innermost feelings and tell a story beyond the capacity of words.  It can set a promising path for a youngster's future. It can increase mobility and cognitive abilities in seniors, and bring a diverse community together, building tolerance and understanding.  Multiple studies concur, dance is transformative.

As babies we learn to communicate ideas through body movement. So strong is this compulsion to tell through movement,  it can be seen world-wide, through ceremonial and celebratory dances. There is no denying that dance is intrinsic to our humanity, and to our very well-being, improving  mental, physical, and emotional health.   Today, we are asking you to join us in transforming our community through dance.  Please read on!

Western Wind Foundation has pledged a matching grant up to 10k! 

The Western Wind Foundation is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth.  Every day of the campaign Western Wind Foundation will be cheering on your donations and matching them dollar for dollar, to a total maximum contribution of $10,000.00!  Thank You Western Wind Foundation!


Free dance train to performance projects, masterclasses, and workshops bring students from all segments of the community together in exciting projects that expose them to new opportunities. Kids learn about themselves, develop social skills and self-discipline, while improving their health, self-image, and scholastic results.

Dance studio training scholarships, public school dance enrichment programs, and program collaborations makes dance education  accessible to underserved and marginalized students on equal basis with all other youth, availing multiple pathways to easily engage and a means to change the trajectory of their lives.

World-class professional, semi-professional, and cultural dance performances and free community engagement programs enrich our collective culture, cultivate, grow, and feed mutual dance appreciation and support, while heightening a sense of community.

Our well-being has been alarmingly impacted by Covid-19;  Globally we are experiencing exacerbated financial distress, anxiety and depression, and increasing cases of mental illness.   Locally, the average poverty rate within the Coachella Valley is 17.5%, with some cities'  rate as high as 36%! That's vs 11.5% statewide.  Further, our little bedroom town of Rancho Mirage shockingly has the highest suicide rate in the state.   Further, according to a recent local study 25% of children in the Coachella Valley are reported to have difficulties with emotions, concentration and behavior and 45% of children are overweight.   These unfortunate statistics are proof that we are not flourishing - of particular concern is that our most precious resource, our children, are at risk.   The future implications of these metrics are frightening, but we know that by nourishing the art of dance we will provide our children the power to overcome the statistical risks that face them now.

We're more than tutus and fluff; and different than a private school or performance company. We are made of, for, and all about this community.  We are a public benefit, non-profit organization fostering and downright creating more engagement in dance and the development of a collaborative community of individuals and organizations who share a passion for cultural equity, accessibility and excellence in dance education, and dance exposure as a mechanism for societal change.  It's simple, the facts surrounding the health of our community calls for change.   In being the change we seek in this world, we are constantly looking to make new friends, strengthen relationships, and grow our support base to expand our impact.   Please join us with your financial support of $5.00 or greater, if you can!  By doing so during our campaign, your generous help is amplified!

💥 Make your gift even MORE IMPACTFUL by donating at the best time!💥 

We thank A Community Thrives and AMightyCause for these great giving incentives.  If you believe in the mission, please share these campaigns and challenge your friends and family to participate, and join us at events!

July 18 - Jul 25, Trigger a $5k for most unique donors!  Any size donation could trigger a $5k bonus contribution to us, should we have the highest number of unique contributors during this period!  A storm of $5. donations could do it!

July 25 - Aug 1,  Trigger a $3k bonus for most amount raised!  Receiving large gifts during this week that amount to the most amount raised during the period triggers a $3k bonus contribution.  The multiplying impact will be dizzying!

 Check out  Our Website for information about upcoming events, including  our live, wildly creative immersive professional dance program  in November.   Would love to see you there! 

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