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Driving through rural towns in Oklahoma, they can all start to feel the same. One run down and worn town after another. But, we know the truth. Our stories are rich, and not just of yesteryears, but of all the new life and beauty of today! Nowata, Oklahoma is no different, and we are in the middle of our very own awakening.

During the oil boom days in Oklahoma, Nowata was notorious. Nowata became famous worldwide for having the most shallow oil wells, some even as shallow as 300 feet underground! Treasure was just under the surface. Today is no different, new vision and hope are bubbling up, just under the surface. Efforts for beauty, art, business and education development are spreading all throughout our small community. Nowata is alive and things are looking bright. 

One such project is facilitated by our non-profit group, Nowata Citizens for a Brighter Future. We exist to help the families of Nowata have access to the resources and development needed to thrive. We are raising funds to bring a Community Splash Pad to Nowata. This new resource will strengthen neighbor’s connections to one another. Creating and developing our parks brings neighbors together who would not otherwise connect. These connections make our community stronger.

This cost free and inclusive resource will be accessible to all Nowatans, including the poor, elderly, underserved and handicapped in our community. Our Splash Pad will be in John H. Morgan Park, located on State Highway 169. This location is strategic on many levels, and is easily accessible to families from the surrounding rural towns. These visitors will bring economic stimulus as they utilize our other community resources. Overall, the beautification and the hope this project brings our community is priceless, and it’s just the beginning because Nowata is a small town with a big vision. 

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