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We Cannot Rescue Our Way Out of This But When We Spay One, We Save Hundreds!

Nobody's Cats Are Everybody's Cats.

Throughout our southcentral Pennsylvania region, colonies of free-roaming domestic felines . They are the primary direct source of beloved pet cats in our homes and the single largest source of cats entering our overwhelmed shelters and rescues. Known by many names -- from feral cats to neighborhood cats -- they thrive in every setting, whether rural, suburban or urban. Their presence presents significant challenges to our regional community, but challenges that can be overcome through the key humane strategy of Trap Neuter Return (TNR).

Trap Neuter Return sustainably addresses the cause of overpopulation while managing its effects. By eliminating reproduction and managing human and feline behavior, TNR prevents suffering among the cats, protects public health, reduces stress on wildlife, and enables communities to redirect desperately needed resources elsewhere. 

Nobody's Cats promotes TNR in our region by providing key resources to individuals, businesses, and municipalities. Our support includes:

  1. Mentoring and education for caretakers,
  2. Creation of and support for local community cats initiatives,
  3. Partnerships with municipalities for humane management strategies,
  4. Caretaker support, from a food and coupon bank to distribution of all-weather shelters,
  5. A dedicated, professionally staffed spay/neuter surgery clinic that has altered more than 34,500 cats since opening in late 2013.

Through these efforts, we have helped our community prevent the birth of hundreds of thousands of kittens into an uncertain and often grim future while promoting a healthy natural life among those cats who remain.

YOU can help us do more, save more lives, prevent more suffering!

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