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The National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) is a nonprofit that provides Gold Standard Certification to ensure credible and reliable documentation exists of Veteran status, business ownership, and business operational control.  We are recognized as the source for major corporations seeking certified Service-Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) for their procurement needs.

 NVBDC is Vets helping Vets. We have established a firm foothold on the national and international stage, working with America's leading corporations' support to uphold our commitment to Veterans transitioning into the workforce. For many veterans, this transition is directly into Veteran Entrepreneurship, which we view as another form of employment.

 The problem.   Service-Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) of all sizes, races, genders, and sexual orientation have been affected during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Our community now has the opportunity to directly provide a level of support to our veteran entrepreneurs - which in turn will help with economic recovery and positively impact the future of our society. 

 NVBDC has direct access to America's major corporations with procurement opportunities. These corporations want to increase their reach to our diverse Service-Disabled and Veteran Owned Business community.  The NVBDC wants to sustain and increase our strategy focused on helping our SD/VOBs access and connect to these corporations. To achieve this access, the SD/VOBs must get NVBDC certified.  Obtaining certification is a crucial requirement set forth by the Corporations who want to ensure the validity of the SD/VOB they are engaging. 

 The initial focus of our recovery initiative is therefore to help our diverse SD/VOBs with the expenses of getting or renewing their NVBDC Certification. We are asking that you donate to our recovery initiative because, ultimately, our brothers and sisters - who banded together to serve and protect America - now need our help.  

 So, what exactly is NVBDC's Service-Disabled/Veteran-Owned Businesses Recovery Initiative for our veteran business community?

  1.  In the next four weeks, we are asking for individual donations which will provide direct financial support to help Service-Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses with their business expense to obtain a new or renewal of the NVBDC Certification.
  2.  By providing this business expense support, we expect to not only help maintain but increase the number of certified SD/VOBs which are continually sought out by our corporations. 
  3.  As our Recovery Initiative unfolds, we will share success stories and testimonials with the community to understand that this certification process has a proven track record of helping SD/VOBs in obtaining contracts which in turn leads to meaningful job creation and economic recovery.
  4.  Your Donation Acknowledgment can be anonymous, but we would certainly appreciate our community knowing our supporters and can post your name or company name on our website.

 Visit to learn more about our mission and how we are helping our Service-Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses not just survive-but thrive!


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