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 Help Support Move For Hunger By Making A Donation To Provide Meals For Those In Need!

Help support Move For Hunger as we work to rescue food as people are moving and provide meals for those in  need.  

Move For Hunger is the first and only non-profit organization that has mobilized the moving, relocation, and multi-family housing industries to fight hunger and food waste by collecting unopened, non-perishable food from people who are moving and delivering it to local food banks and food pantries across the United States and Canada.  Move For Hunger’s innovative, sustainable food-rescue programs have resulted in the recovery of over 23  million pounds of food to date, or the equivalent of more than 18+ million meals for people in need since it's inception in 2009.  

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a massive economic impact and has drastically increased the need for emergency food assistance nationwide.  Before the pandemic hit, 37 million Americans were already facing daily hunger, and estimates say 42 million Americans are experiencing food insecurity as a result.   Already vulnerable, low-income populations--including school-aged children receiving free/reduced lunch, senior citizens, people experiencing homelessness, and those who are unemployed--are even more at risk.  

Food banks, pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters are on the front lines, helping our most vulnerable populations every day.   Experts agree that the effects of COVID-19 will require a long-term response, and Move For Hunger and its network are determined to see it through.  

Move For Hunger remains committed to helping support our food bank & pantry partner with our food rescue deliveries.  Your support will accelerate Move For Hunger’s response to the growing hunger crisis our country is facing.

Make a donation to support Move For Hunger and help to provide meals for those in need.

A $25 donation will provide 63 meals to those in need.

A $50 donation will provide 126 meals for those in need.

A $100 donation will provide 253 meals meals for those in need.

A $250 donation will provide 631 meals for those in need.

Thank you for your support!

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