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Arizona's Foster Youth Deserve Better.

Right now, the well-being of young adults aging-out of foster care in Arizona is left to chance. 900 youth age-out of foster care each year in this state and they experience:

  1. 42% high school drop-out graduate rate and 3% college graduation rate.
  2. 50% homelessness at age 18.
  3. 50% unemployment rate at age 24.

Your support will provide stable housing and support services.

When you support our A Community Thrives Challenge, your contributions will make a difference in someone's life. Through the Foster360 program, Helen’s Hope Chest will house, mentor, and graduate approximately 10 aging-out foster youth aged 18-24 over a 1-year period. In December, the first 5 young renters will move into the building and embark on the path to economic mobility and personal success. 5 more youth will move in 6-9 months after the start of the program.

Each youth will complete a course of personal development activities that will enable them to transition into independent living as productive and self-sufficient adults. Don't leave the success of our community's future to chance. Take action today and donate what you can.

What do our clients say?

"You get it. You understand. You've been there with me from the beginning." - Foster360 Client

"I was able to get my University needs filled and find a part-time job. I believe they can help me accomplish anything." - Foster360 Client

Thank you for your support!

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