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Writer Kurt Vonnegut was born and raised in Indianapolis, and the city of his birth had a profound impact on him. The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library (KVML) is dedicated to championing Kurt Vonnegut’s legacy and the principles of free expression and common decency.

In 2021, KVML has the opportunity to share Kurt Vonnegut’s words about the environment and shape how people care for “the good Earth,” as Kurt asked us to do. The year will feature virtual community book clubs, community environmental-calls-to-action including ones for KVML’s own Indiana Avenue neighborhood in downtown Indianapolis, environment-centered creative writing programs for youth, and a veteran’s writing program in an Indiana state park. Many programs will be virtual so that people from all over the good Earth can participate.

Make an impact by investing in our efforts to educate and make change! Support our The Good Earth: Vonnegut and the Environment program in 2021 and transform care and conscientiousness through the wit and wisdom of Kurt.

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