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Dr. Ralph J. Bryson Computer Laboratory and Ralph D. Abernathy Breakfast

The Guide Right Foundation of Montgomery, Inc, is asking for your support for the Annual Reverend Ralph David Abernathy Civil Rights Celebration Breakfast.  Our commemoration to honor the legacy of Brother Abernathy brings connection, reflection and challenge.  The Brothers want the Community to encourage linkages with the past in remembering his work, seeing his commitment and capturing his challenge.  We stand on his shoulders to seek civil liberties for all.

Also, the Guide Right Foundation of Montgomery, Inc. is asking for your support for the Dr. Ralph J. Bryson Computer Laboratory to the house in the Bryson Community Center, Montgomery Alabama.  The computer lab will support the training and learning elements for the Guide Right Program.  The Dr. Ralph J. Bryson Computer Laboratory is established after the eminent member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. who had an immense desire to support the young men of the Guide Right Program.  Dr. Bryson is Emeritus Professor of English and department chair at Alabama State University in Montgomery,the Grand Historian Emeritus, and holds the highest of awards from Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. namely, the 56th Elder Watson Diggs Awardee and the 64th Laurel Wreath Laureate.   He has always been supportive of every effort of the Guide Right Program since inception.

Guide Right Vision

The vision of the Guide Right Program is that every young man who participates in the program embraces that he can achieve through all elements of life.

Guide Right Mission

The mission of Guide Right is to provide educational and occupational guidance to youth, primarily inspirational and informational in character.  It has resourceful outreach to high schools, and colleges that provide attention to the needs of undergraduate Brothers. 

 Guide Right Objectives

The objectives of the Guide Right Service Program are to groom the training experience of young men, support friendly interest of successful men at the disposal of youth needing inspiration, and counsel them regarding their choice of a life’s career, and to arouse the interest of the entire community in the problems of youth as they seek to realize lives of usefulness.  Kappa Alpha Psi is committed to the development of young men and their commitment to the pipeline of nurturing achievement in their various fields of endeavor.  

 Guide Right Director and Support Brothers/Staff

The Montgomery Alumni Chapter is led by director and leader Brother JaCorey Calloway.  The current Guide Right Program supports 80 young men.   Additional support staff include Brothers Devan Flowers, Tommy Mays, Jerry Morris, and Gene Moore. 

Guide Right Participant Units

  • Kappa Kids (Grades 4-5) The overall objective for Kappa Kids is to mentor and provide guidance for their lives.  The direction of the leadership provides, in some cases, role models of career men, community service and access to experiences that these young men may be lacking.  The program is one of fun with direction and experiences with the projection to share what it is to become a man in our society.
  • Kappa Knights (Grades 6-8) The overall objective for Kappa Knights is to mentor the young men, and to begin to bridge the transition into growing toward a teenager who accepts responsibilities and encourages success as he transitions into society.  As the challenge of transitioning through the teen years continues to be one that the clientele may experience in the community, leadership in the Guide Right Program wants to ensure support and foundation during this time for parent(s), guardians and trusted leaders.  Kappa Knights are indeed a key foundation of the Guide Right groups because these are the leaders of of the program in the next couple of years.  A key part of the program is to encourage commitment and self-awareness for future successes.  While leaders do encourage friendliness and frivolity, the young men are required to commit to study and teamwork.  
  • Kappa League (Grades 9-12)  The overall objective for Kappa League is to mentor the young men, provide awareness of their recognition of place as a teenage leader, and to accept the challenge to commit to post-secondary education opportunities, and leadership in the Guide Right Program.  This group learns through application how to effectively participant in team building, participate in group organizational dynamics, and the impact of preparation on performance.  The Guide Right Program leadership uses advisory input in program activities, organization and selection of projects.  The Program promotes these individuals to seek higher education opportunities, transition to college programs and support their personal endeavors in areas of their interests.  The program encourages learning applicable skills in computing, science, technology, medicine, business, and other professional development areas, such as, resume prep, budgeting, and life interpersonal skills.

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