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Sponsor students to attend JA Virtual Inspire a virtual career exploration fair!

Imagine a world where every student graduates with a solid understanding of how to build a budget and the importance of saving for their future, a world where the value of entrepreneurship in our community is not only understood by our young people, but it is encouraged and supported, and a world where each student is given the opportunity to explore the variety of career pathways in front of them so that they can discover their passion in life.  Junior Achievement's primary reason for existence is helping every young person build, not only a better life for themselves, but a better life for their families, and ultimately stronger and more robust communities in which they live. 

This year schools are facing a daunting task, and at JA we are wholly committed to ensuring that educators and students will have access to high quality, standards-based curriculum whether that means remote learning or face to face instruction.  That is why JA has adapted our programming into a library of remote learning resources that can be taught in a variety of settings regardless of the environment this school year.  From simple printable worksheets about building a budget, to online activities separated by grade level, and a virtual career exploration fair called JA Virtual Inspire, Junior Achievement’s resources are available to teachers, parents, and students at no cost.

JA Inspire Virtual is an interactive career exploration fair that will introduce approximately ten thousand  7th - 12th grade students to rewarding and successful career pathways.  Using a platform called vFairs JA will showcase our region's most in-demand jobs that span the spectrum from on-the job training right out of high school, to technical training post high school, to a college degree and beyond.   These are the positions employers are hiring every day and cannot find enough qualified candidates to for.  Students will browse virtual exhibit halls filled with a variety of employers, grouped by career clusters, and watch career speaker videos that teach them about the different career pathways available at each organization.  During the event students will be able to save resources and videos from each booth they visit into their virtual briefcase for future use, and they will be able to access all of the resources in the virtual environment for up to three months following the event.

Please consider sponsoring a student to attend JA Virtual Inspire today!


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