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We began Jenna’s Promise in 2019 after the tragic loss of our daughter to substance use disorder. Jenna, ourselves and her brother, experienced first-hand the emotions, trauma, sorrow, and emptiness that so often occurs at every level of the ongoing struggle against the opioid crisis. Instead of succumbing to despair or hopelessness, we have decided to turn instead to hope. Inspired by our daughter’s spirit and her desire to help, we have decided to commit ourselves to a greater cause to honor her memory. Thus, the Tatro family created Jenna’s Promise, an organization dedicated to the pursuit of substance use prevention. It will endeavor to use evidence-based methods to help people that are suffering from substance use disorder as well as assisting their families through the treatment and wellness process.

We have purchased a building, Jenna’s House, that we will turn into a community center in Johnson, VT. Jenna's House will be a center point for the community and it will help to break down the stigma associated with substance use disorder. The bottom floor of the center will serve as a fully functioning outpatient recovery center. It will provide space for substance use recovery services which include: an outpatient recovery center, health fitness area, offices for behavior, social, and health professionals, a mother's support group, a space to host AA/NA meetings, and other needed community support groups. This will not only serve people recovering from addiction but their family members and anyone who has been affected by this epidemic. We have partnered with North Central Vermont Recovery Center who will help make the recovery services a success. 

The main floor of the community center offers a space to hold events for up to 250 people. Anyone from the community can use this space for business meetings, political rallies, town, and local community functions, and school and/or other educational functions. This building provides space for the benefit of the community through plays, music events, and business or social functions. People can hold sober weddings or funerals if they can not afford to do so otherwise. The facility has a full kitchen equipped for catering that can supplement all events with meals. It can also be utilized during the holiday season as a soup kitchen. The outside of the building will offer space for a playground and a place to hold community basketball and volleyball tournaments. 

This building is only a part of the vision. Down the street, Jenna’s Promise is opening a cafe/ coffee roasting business that will provide a safe place for individuals to live and work. Jenna’s Promise will provide a 360-degree support system for individuals recovering from substance use disorder. The combination of sober living, a workforce program, and a community recovery center are all crucial to the success of helping individuals sustain long-term sobriety and in turn, help build a thriving community in Johnson and beyond. 

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