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ICD offers programming not only to its Muslim constituency, but also Metropolitan Detroit and the underserved surrounding Brooks, Fiskhorn, Warrendale, and Cody Rouge neighborhoods as well. At the core of our mission, the ICD exists to serve the most vulnerable in our community through our Muslim faith and belief in assisting others.

History and Background

The Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD) was officially opened to the public in January 2000. Since then, the ICD has been expanding, by working on new projects that benefit both Muslims and non-Muslims in the Detroit metro area (48228) and surrounding communities. Some of these efforts include: a full-time school; Saturday school; Sunday school; after-school programming; a Quran program; youth empowerment tools and training; female empowerment workshops; MUHSEN Certified programming; community services (such as neighborhood clean ups, clothing drives, a weekly food pantry); mental health programming for youth, adults, and seniors; Ramadan activities; Imam services; and, recreational activities such as a girls’ and boys’ basketball, volleyball, soccer, and summer camps.

Over 500 families served during our weekly food pantry

The ICD is recognized for its partnerships with state and local officials and law enforcement, as well as the International Institute of Metro Detroit, Muslim Legal Fund of America, Life for Relief and Development, and Mercy USA.  Additionally, in order to better explain the message of Islam, the ICD prepares literature packages, holds classes for individuals interested in learning about the Islamic religion, and takes part in interfaith dialogues in order to promote understanding between diverse community members.

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MY-Mental Wellness

MY-Mental Wellness aims to provide proactive mental health and wellness programs for youth and adults, enabling stronger mental health for all. MY-Mental Wellness is committed to normalize mental health and wellness in the community by providing creative therapy, education, and accessible resources. Over the past few years, My-Mental Wellness has been successfully de-stigmatizing and normalizing mental health & illness to many hundreds of Muslims in the Greater Detroit Area. By providing awareness education, resources and programs, we’ve provided a platform that has allowed hundreds of individuals to seek services and learn about the importance of mental wellness. In just 4 years, we have witnessed a drastic difference in how our Muslim community perceives mental health, and as a result we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of Muslims willing to seek professional community and personal services for their well being.

Over the last 4 years, MMW has successfully held various support groups for people of all ages, educational trainings and workshops, art therapy, parent programs, and more - both virtually and in person. 

MMW has been able to normalize conversations around substance abuse, mental health, suicide, human trafficking, etc. They have hosted numerous programs for individuals with special needs, providing inclusive and safe spaces for everyone.

Muslim Youth of the Islamic Center of Detroit

The Muslim Youth of the Islamic Center of Detroit (MY-ICD) is comprised of a group of about 40 individuals all ranging from the age of 14 to young professionals. The team is divided into multiple subcommittees to efficiently execute and advertise events and projects. Committed youth from the community were sought out and asked to volunteer under MY-ICD to aid young muslims in immersing themselves to continuous and engaging spiritual, recreational, developmental, and impactful service,  and activism programs. Throughout the year, the MY-ICD Team works hard to bring you:

  1. Weekly youth lectures.
  2. Monthly series that attracts over 1,000 people.
  3. Annual camps for middle-school and high-school community members.
  4. Career events for high-school and college community members.
  5. Weekly middle school boys and girls programs.
  6. Recreational events.
  7. Special projects like Run4Palestine and political Debate watch parties.
  8. Annual inspiring events like Ilm Intensive or Women's Inspire Me Event.
  9. Leadership and training workshops, articles, videos, courses, and so much more!

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