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Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) serves chronically unemployed individuals by helping them obtain, maintain, and excel at employment. Founded in Montgomery, Alabama in 2012, HIM has experienced steady growth every year and operates today in five locations across Alabama, including Birmingham, Lowndes County, Bessemer, and Mt. Meigs.

To read about some of the common challenges H.I.M. students face, please click here.


The HIM approach is based on a curriculum that incorporates the structure and accountability of a workplace, and wraps it with empathy and compassion. It was not designed to help people survive in poverty, but rather to equip them to escape this hopelessness and despair and to become contributing citizens. 

The HIM process is built on a nine-week job training program where students are exposed to the skills necessary to be successful in a work environment. Students participate in six weeks of classroom instruction covering soft skills, employment skills, financial management, character development, nutrition and other essential topics. Concepts such as problem-solving, critical thinking, anger management, health, and wellness are covered. 

Students participate in mock interviews, prepare resumes, and receive assistance applying for employment online. When needed, they receive help getting a driver’s license and other forms of identification. After these six weeks of training students serve a three-week internship with a local business, which often leads to full time employment with the intern provider. The internship allows students to practice the skill sets they have recently learned. Students graduate in a cap and gown ceremony where each graduate gives a speech and explains the transformation that has taken place in his or her life. This nine-week cycle repeats six times per year.

Results from the HIM program in Montgomery demonstrated that even the most marginalized men and women can become self-supporting, productive members of the community.  As word of the success stories traveled, communities approached HIM about opening campuses in their location.

The Montgomery model is replicable, and HIM opened the Birmingham campus in 2017; began teaching in Bessemer at The Foundry (addiction recovery facility) in 2019; opened the Lowndes County campus in 2020; and went inside the Department of Youth Services (prison) in Mt. Meigs in 2021. These sites are not only replicating the program, but also replicating success stories like those from the Montgomery campus.

Students who graduate continue to get jobs.  Our most recent alumni survey shows only 4% of those who were incarcerated prior to HIM have been arrested since graduating. The HIM program has demonstrated significant success reducing recidivism compared to the 30% rate in Alabama.  Listen to Dewayne Turner's amazing journey below.

The transformation from dependency to self-sufficiency has a long-lasting impact. When personal dignity is restored and hopelessness removed, the skills and values can be passed down to children and grandchildren and ultimately have a generational impact on society.  To read stories about our recent Birmingham graduates, click here.

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