Hope Hollow

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$3,000 Raised

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$3,000 Goal

Hope Hollow’s mission is to offer welcome, hospitality and HOPE by providing lodging, meals, transportation assistance and emotional support...at no cost…to cancer patients and their loved ones, who are financially in need, while coming to Columbus, Ohio for their cancer treatment.

Hope Hollow has experienced continual growth since its founding. In 2015, Hope Hollow provided over 300 nights of lodging. 5 years later, in 2020, Hope Hollow's services increased five-fold, with 1,495 nights of lodging.

In addition, Hope Hollow provides over $3,500.00 per month in both fuel assistance and in meals/groceries/nutritional support for cancer patients and their loved ones.

So far, in 2021, Hope Hollow has assisted 619 persons; while in 2020, 911 persons were served. Hope Hollow is presently on pace to surpass our 2020 numbers.

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Hope Hollow

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