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The Greencastle Area Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goals are to maintain the historical integrity of the Greencastle High Line Train Station, preserve the history of the building and the area's railroad heritage, provide a meeting place for area youth organizations and promote local arts. 

The Greencastle Train Station has served as a meeting place for area youth organizations focused on youth leadership development since 1960. These groups includes the Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scouts and the 4H Club.

The Greencastle Area Youth Foundation has made significant repairs and improvements to the building and has established several displays to preserve the area's railroad history. Web cams have been installed over the tracks for railfans to watch passing trains online and displays have been mounted for visiting railfans to monitor local rail traffic. 

Community outreach is a focus of the organization and the Greenastle Area Youth Foundation has participated in town wide events such as Old Home Week and Heritage Christmas to open the Train Station to the Community. In addition, they have worked with area schools and the local library to establish educational tours of the facility for the schoolchildren and a youth reading program during the holidays.

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Greencastle Area Youth Foundation

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