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Glenn Hope offers various unique opportunities to veterans and the people of this community. We are deeply rooted in tradition, but we also embrace innovation. Our mission is to help veterans overcome challenges through nature, farming, and community outreach. We always try to meet the needs of the veteran and help them to reach their goals. Glenn Hope provides an opportunity for camaraderie for returning military veterans. Veterans face the challenge of reentering the workforce. Through our mentor program, we provide a space for them to learn and work with a highly productive and impactful team. Last year we decided to try our hand at raising pigs. Several veterans had expressed their interest in sustainable pig farming and so our journey began with three little pigs and has grown substantially.  We also raise beef cattle, Cornish hens, layer birds, and produce.  Everything that is grown on the farm is raised and produced by veterans.  Here is an opportunity to get involved in a community project that brings ethically, humanely raised, and high quality food to your table while offering education, skills, and therapy to veterans of the community. Glenn Hope teaches the young people of the local community valuable life skills and to be good stewards of the land.  Our "Build Impact" campaign is an effort to generate funds for a new structure that would house a teaching center that includes a butcher shop, canning room, and washroom, chill room, walk-in refrigerator and freezer unit, and two class rooms.

The birth of Glenn Hope was necessary in order to bring something to the community that we needed but did not yet exist.  The heart of Glenn Hope is to bring to the community a place where people can heal and where humility and living relationally is the primary focus.  For the concern of our fellow people, our greatest aspiration is that Glenn Hope becomes the hub of hope, humility, and inclusivity. Our hope is to be the bridge in this gap.

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