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Right in your community: 
Unnecessary debt, 
bad borrowing decisions 
and impulse-buying! 

That destruction is concentrated in low-income communities. 


The FoolProof Foundation believes poor decisions about money are one of the root causes of economic inequality and community discord. These poor decisions undermine the security and prosperity of entire communities. They divide neighborhoods politically, academically, economically, and culturally.  

What happens to a family when the proper financial and life skills are not taught?  
The family's mental and physical health and its economic future can and probably will be damaged. And the kids in that family will likely face the same problems when they grow up.

That destruction is concentrated in economically disenfranchised communities.  

And here’s the real problem: those communities are not provided the core tools they need to make wise financial decisions. 

FoolProof provides those missing core tools—very successfully.  We are the only major financial literacy  and life skill resource in the world—literally—based on teaching healthy skepticism and caution when making decisions that impact your money or your wellbeing.  

Why are we the only major financial literacy resource teaching healthy skepticism and caution?

FoolProof in action at Ariel Academy, Chicago

Because the other major resources are largely funded and shaped by businesses that profit when consumers make money mistakes. 

Think about that! 

Because of our unique teaching philosophy, We are also the only financial literacy resource in the world that is endorsed by these groups: 

  • The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
  • The National Association of Consumer Advocates 
  • The Consumer Federation of America
  • Public Citizen

Resources that actually work!
FoolProof operates three distinct programs—FoolProof Academy, FoolProofMe, and FoolProof College.  Each program is designed to allow the smallest community, the least-funded group of volunteers, or the least-educated consumer to learn truly meaningful skills. To learn for free, commercial free and free of any hidden agendas. Marketers do not shape our teaching.

We are also peer-to-peer, interactive and web-driven.

We’re a small foundation with a powerhouse following:
So far over 640,000 students and hundreds of thousands of adults have used our resources. Over 8,000 schools are registered for our curriculums right now. Every community needs what we offer. But we need your help to reach more underserved people and communities.

And we need that help now.

If you join us, we can bridge the economic divide that pulls apart so many community members.
Want to learn more? Want to share our resources with someone you know? 

If you're interested in learning even more about the work we do and why we need your help, visit the "Our Curriculum" tab above, check out our 

FoolProof Case for Support

We are FoolProof. Will you help others be, too? 

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