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Everybody Wins! Iowa is a children’s literacy and mentoring nonprofit dedicated to ensuring children’s success in school and life through weekly one-to-one read aloud experiences with caring adults. Through these ongoing read-aloud sessions, children (K-5) in the program are provided with an opportunity to build their vocabulary, listening skills, and confidence. Everybody Wins! Iowa is a certified youth mentoring program by the Iowa Mentoring Partnership.

Power Read is our signature program where students meet with their mentor to read aloud together, talk, and build relationships with one another. Matches meet once a week throughout the school year, and each match is strongly encouraged to continue year after year until the student ages out of the program.

Research on youth literacy has shown us how important the read-aloud experience is for youth. Most experts agree that reading aloud is the single most important factor in helping children to develop their vocabulary as well as their reading and language skills. Our program’s simple equation—one mentor, one child, one book at a time—produces powerful results.

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