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EN-RICH-MENT (ENjoying the RICHness of Music, Education, Nurturing and Training) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency whose purpose is to provide music, education, training, instrumental instruction, art, dance, voice, drumline and agricultural classes free of charge to underserved urban youth ages 5 through 18 years. The Canton Ohio-based Stark County agency provides fertile learning ground for children and youth who have an interest in exploring their talents and sharpening their skills in the arts, music and a variety of related enriching instruction and activities.

Since its inception, EN-RICH-MENT has grown rapidly from its initial participant body of 43 children and youth to 220 participants in 2020. EN-RICH-MENT attracts children and youth from 55 schools from greater Canton, Alliance, Massillon and other nearby and outlying suburban areas. Targeting moderate and low-income urban families, EN-RICH-MENT’s participation is free of charge as a result of support from its partners, sponsors and donors. 

Attracting children and youth from diverse backgrounds with a range of abilities, and supportive but, sometimes, challenging home lives, about one-third of EN-RICH-MENT’s participants are special needs youth. Intentionally, EN-RICH-MENT enrolls a minimum of 51% of its participants from low-income families, however, to ensure accessibility EN-RICH-MENT generally exceeds this minimum requirement by accepting approximately 20% more low-income children and youth. Stark County’s low-income children and youth who participate in EN-RICH-MENT are smart, talented and highly motivated.  

EN-RICH-MENT’s impact is far reaching as evidenced by satisfaction surveys, committed student participation, parental commitment and assistance to the program, as well as testimonials from graduates who are presently pursuing college degrees in music, theater and other related fields of study.

What people are saying about EN-RICH-MENT:

“Enhancing life...building legacy...celebrating every soul...just because someone should and Enrichment can....”

 "Music is healing, kids are blessed. Simply beautiful and inspiring."

 "I look at all the beautiful children and the beautiful instruments, and I think of all the work you have done to raise the funds, to organize the people, to gain the support of city leaders, to encourage your staff, to provide training, to bring in expertise. It is truly remarkable, and only by the favor and grace of God. 

You are doing a great work."


"I am so proud of what you have given to your children. May you continue to bless our community with your love and compassion for your students."


“I never thought my child would be able to play a violin.  It brings tears to my eyes when I hear her play.”

“I am thankful for En-Rich-Ment. Our family is not able to afford music lessons or instruments.”


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