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Welcome to the Community Youth and Woman's Alliance (CYWA)

Our project is Expanding CYWA's Impact.


  • Coatesville, PA, is a food desert, there are no real grocery stores, only bodegas and convenience stores. 

  • Coatesville residents suffer disproportionately from significant chronic health issues. 

  • The CYWA Food Distribuiton program is offered only two days per week.

  • The CYWA kitchen is very dated and does not meet the current needs of the community.

  • CYWA residents and Coatesville need more local workforce development opportunities. 

  • High unemployment, poverty, and low levels of health insurance resulted from Lukens' steel, who in 1995, was one of 3 largest producers of plate steel.

Tomorrow, the vision for Expanding CYWA's Impact with this fundraiser includes: 

CYWA provides substance abuse and addiction recovery services, a homeless shelter, family services, a food distribution program (FDP) and other community services as required.

 Our Expanding CYWA’s Impact seeks $436,000 (from multiple sources).  We are reaching out to a number of other resources for this funding.  Here are our goals:

  • Expand the existing Food Distribution Program (FDP).
  • Increase the storage capacity for the FDP.
  • Add evenings and weekends to the FDP program for the working poor. 
  • Improve the negative health statistics in the Coatesville community:    
    • Provide healthy cooking classes for residents at CYWA and the Coatesville community;
    • Provide services and classes  for CYWA residents and Coatesville residents on diabetes and other major health issues affecting the community; 
    • Provide safe food preparation classes.
  • Have the kitchen be a learning resource to the community.
    • Provide jobs for unemployed and underemployed;
    • Start classes for CYWA residents and Coatesville residents that can give them job skills, including ServSafe classes, classes in customer service, knife skills, etc; Provide classes to help them find a job.  Provide flexibility for those unable to commit to a full time culinary class;
    • Target start for this is fall 2021, with your help.
  • Remodel our decades old kitchen:  
    • Provide additional nutrious free community meals; 
    • Start a full time culinary teaching kitchen; 
    • Incorporate life skills classes with the culinary skills classes; both are needed to be successful;
    • Have the kitchen be a resource to the community as it becomes a real hub for Coatesville gatherings.  
    • Years ago, CYWA was a real hub for Coatesville, a gathering place for the community and we want to rebuild that again.
  • Add facilities in the ancillary to support the event hall with restrooms, a projection A/V area for plays, entertainment, and an opening of the facility for weddings and other local gatherings.  
  • Build the 'hub' for Coatesville.   There is so much history here, this building was built in the late 1880's.   It is beautiful, but also requires a lot of maintenance.   Our project is NOT focused on the maintenance, it is focused totally on the FUTURE picture.

This is our vision for the future, thank you for reading this far, we have so much hope for the future of CYWA and Coatesville and so appreciate your support for Expanding CYWA's Impact !

Donation Fun, and then please go to the top of this page and select the DONATION button please. 

 We've submitted a proposal for a national Project Grant (A Community Thrives) from Gannett for our Expanding CYWA's Impact project. 

There will be sixteen (16) Project Grants awarded ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 after this $6K fundrasier and we make it into the larger pool!

Now we have a 4 week fundraiser (7/19 - 8/13)  to qualify us to get into the pool for these big $$.  

We need to raise at least $6000 during these 4 weeks. Each of the 4 weeks have extra significant $$ options we can receive based on a number of things.  

Week of 7.19: Most unique donors (unique email ids).

Week of 7.26: Most $$.

Week of 8.2: Most unique donors (unique email ids). 

Week of 8.9: Most $$.

On top of that, Incentive Grants will be awarded during the Fundraising phase of the 4 week Campaign to CYWA as it raises its funds.  Bonus Challenge Grants will be given each week.  

The top three (3) fundraisers with at least ten (10) unique donors at the end of the Campaign Challenge period may receive incentive grants of: $25,000,$15,000, and $10,000.  

Unique donors are defined as people with real emails.   Kids count.  If a family with 3 kids want to donate $100, and each child has a unique email id, please submit $20 per mom, dad and each of the 3 kids.   Same credit card can be used, just need different real email ids.

If you know a business that to do a matching grants, ie. restaurant, bank, rotary club, send an email to  We would love to talk with you!

We so appreciate your support and love for this cause.

Thank you so much!

The CYWA Team

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