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During the pandemic, Cabot Historical Society cannot do its usual fundraising. We sell homemade donuts on July 4th and hold an Apple Pie Festival in the school gym each October. Costs of maintaining our two buildings and collections did not stop. Thanks for your help!

Purposes of Cabot Historical Society
To promote respect and love for the history of Cabot, Vermont. To aid its discovery, preservation, and study.  We: 

  •  Maintain and operate two museums with items of scholarly and aesthetic interest, related to Cabot's past. 
  • Study the genealogy of early settlers and prominent citizens. 
  • Study and protect from harm local cemeteries, monuments, historic sites, and archeology. 
  • Recover, record, and preserve documents and other items from Cabot's past. 
  • Help preserve significant Cabot buildings, by research, helping owners, or purchase and restoration. 
  • Interview, record, and preserve memories of Cabot's older residents. 
  •  Publish articles about Cabot's history on line and in print.

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Cabot Historical Society Inc

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PO BOX 275
CABOT, VT 05647

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