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Brewbaker Elementary School was built in 1978 in Montgomery, Alabama. One year later, the campus was divided into two schools, the Primary School and the Intermediate School. Unfortunately, the athletic fields and facilities were originally constructed on what is now the Intermediate side of the campus. Today, Brewbaker Primary is home to approximately 700 students from Pre-K to second grade. It is our goal to construct an athletic facility called The BREW, (The Brewbaker Recreaction, Exercise, & Wellness Center).  This 40' X 80' facility will be built on the site of the existing concrete PE court adjacent to a old playground that we hope to clear to be used for outdoor activities. We appreciate all you can do to help us reach our goal to provide our students with a safe facility for our students to engage in physical activities and learning.

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Brewbaker Primary School

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4445 Brewbaker Dr
Montgomery, AL 36116-4299

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