Boardman Arts Park

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The Arts Park is a 2.2 acre green space in the heart of downtown Delaware, OH.  It is a central point between the historical Northwest Neighborhood, our downtown business center, the culturally and ethnically diverse Second Ward, and the Ohio Wesleyan campus.

We strive to make the park a destination where people can enjoy the outdoors, explore and play.  Our free outdoor exhibit and event space features hands-on activities and quirky art, resulting in a magical place for families to engage each other creatively and create lasting memories.  

The Art Park hosts a number of annual events including the Delaware Vintage & Artisan Festival, Delaware Beer & Wine Festival, Fright Night, Ohio Wesleyan University A Cappella concerts, a May Day Dance demonstration by local elementary students, a Watershed Walk, and many concerts, yoga and art classes, many of which are free and open to the public.

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Boardman Arts Park

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