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There are 600 children across Florida who will enter foster care this year because their parents did not have the ability to keep a stable home. But what if you learned that every single one of these family separations could be prevented with your help?

They can.

These children were not abused—they have good parents who struggle in social isolation with tough issues like substance abuse, illness, homelessness, and unemployment. With no options and nobody to call, their parents are forced to surrender them to foster care. 

Not anymore. Better Together was founded on the belief that parents should not have to lose their children because they are having money problems, or had the courage to seek treatment, or got hospitalized without child care. All of these challenges can be overcome—while keeping children safe—with the right support system in place.

Our programs to combat preventable neglect have served more than 3,102 children across SW Florida and kept 98% of families together. Our success rate more than doubles the reunification rate of foster care, and more than half of our referrals now come directly from child protective services and law enforcement.

Here’s how it works: When parents fall into crisis, our screened and trained host families care for children in their homes while mentoring parents toward finding a job, housing, child care, treatment, and more. It’s rarely “one thing” that pushes parents into crisis—there are usually several underlying causes. We figure out exactly what those barriers to stability are, and how we can best help.

Our volunteers act as trusted advisers, shoulders to cry on, and important sources of tough love and positive motivation without judgement. Parents trust in our programs because everything is voluntary. When parents are ready to pick their children up, they simply pick them up. 

Here’s how you can help: With your support, we can recruit 100 new host families and mentors to give children temporary refuge as their parents work to regain stability. With this larger team of volunteers, we will protect an additional 600 children from preventable neglect in Southwest Florida, keep them out of foster care, and home with their loving families.

Tell your friends: After you give, share a quick message on social media to let your friends know that you’re doing your part to make sure every child has a safe and loving home: 

I'm participating in the #OKChallenge to protect Our Kids from preventable neglect. We are all better together. 

So much of a child’s world is out of their control. Together, we can make sure parents have the skills and support needed to give children the homes they deserve. Let’s love our neighbors as our own. These are all Our Kids. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering our mission. 

With gratitude,

Megan Rose

CEO, Better Together

PS: It’s hard to capture the full picture of what we do without looking at a few examples.

Heidi’s Story: Heidi was young and pregnant. She lived in a rented room with her mom and two brothers with no space for a new baby. She made the brave decision to reach out for help. One of our host families cared for her newborn for three months while Heidi worked to find a home. Volunteers installed a new AC and made minor repairs to get the home ready for the baby. Another mom—who was previously supported by our program—donated the same crib given to her a year ago. Heidi put in the hard work, and when she reunited with her baby girl, we celebrated with a cake donated by a local bakery.

Eric and Miquetta’s Story: In the middle of a pandemic, Miquetta and Eric were homeless and struggling to make ends meet. If things didn’t turn around, they risked losing their 2-year-old to foster care. Miquetta took a leap of faith and reached out for help. Knowing their son was safe with a host family, they could focus on securing housing and work. The host family sent Eric and Miquetta daily pictures and phone calls, which kept them motivated on the hard days. After 90 days, they were able to reunite with their son. They keep in touch with the host family even a year later.

Austin’s Story: Austin had two kids under the age of three, which is a lot in any situation. Their mother was struggling with mental health, and he had to bring the kids back to Missouri. There was just one problem—if he left to pick the kids up, he risked losing his job. We connected him with a host family who cared for his kids for 30 days while Austin got off work and made a plan to get to Florida. The kids are now in Missouri with their dad and doing well, while mom seeks the treatment she needs.


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