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ACT Together Program

ACT provides emotional and financial support for low-to-moderate income families, 80% and below MFI, living in multifamily communities in central Texas through wellness educational programs, outreach and engagement activities to create a sense of connection and direct financial assistance for basic needs to those struggling to survive long term financial instability and the economic chaos of COVID19.

The ACT Together Program will partner with Apartment Life and other third party providers to offer residents wrap around services and programs to establish a greater sense of community and to improve tenant outcomes.  The programming is customizable and will be focused on well-being programs to assist residents, specifically children’s programming including education, character building, and community involvement, adult education programs, life essential programs and health and wellness programs.  Using survey data, programming will be developed and delivered to meet the highest community driven need. Apartment Life is a unique partner because they have peer teams living in the communities, creating trust and understanding of the issues most relevant to residents at each property. All residents in ACT communities will be notified of program opportunities via email, text (where available) and flyers. Surveys will also be utilized to assess the impact and participation percentages to inform future programs and outreach. The programming will be structured to reach children and adults of all ages and economic circumstances. 

In addition, the ACT Together Program will provide direct financial assistance to tenants with a demonstrable need. Residents with a delinquent rent balance or who have requested rent assistance will be provided a link to apply for financial assistance online. Eligibility requirements include income qualification at or below 80% of MFI, proof of lost wages or income and rent delinquency or request for assistance.  As residents with qualifying incomes and circumstances apply for financial assistance recipients are encouraged to confidentially share if there are any circumstances within the home that are causing additional anxiety including challenges with childcare, in-home education, food scarcity or domestic violence. The overall objective is to provide stable housing and expand programs with a focus on behavior, health and well-being.

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