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Dads Make a Difference, and YOU can, too!

Good or bad, fathers have a lifelong effect on their children. Children with loving, involved and responsible dads fare better in virtually every aspect of their lives, from school readiness as kindergartners to navigating the difficult teen years to becoming happy, productive adults. Children in father-absent homes account for 90% of homeless children, 80% of young people in jails, 75% of all teen pregnancies, 71% of all high school dropouts and 63% of youth suicides. Father absence is both a national crisis and a very local one. 

Children don't have to become statistics. For 20 years, A Father's Place has helped re-connect thousands of local men to thousands of local children. The vast majority of fathers aren't absent because they lack a love for their children. Almost always what they lack is any idea what a good father does, because they did't have anyone role modeling it for them. Other barriers include unemployment, a poor relationship with the child's mother, unmanaged chronic health issues, immaturity and no knowledge about or means to pursue their legal rights. During our holistic 6-month program, we give men the tools to overcome all of the barriers preventing them from being the dad their children need and deserve.

We want to prevent every local child from experiencing the devastating emotional pain and life-altering effects of father absence. But we can't do it without our supporters. YOU make it possible for the little girl in your neighborhood or church to go to bed with a full belly, sleep peacefully after her daddy reads her a story and kisses her goodnight, safe in the knowledge that she is loved and protected by two parents and jump out of bed the next day excited for school and playtime with her friends. That's what you make possible when you make a gift to A Father's Place. Thank you for caring. 

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